Picture Us: Turn It Up #3


It’s been three years since Annie has been to The Cedar, the bar where her best friend Mayzie's husband used to play in a local band before it went big league. Now the girls don’t get together very often. When some other friends invite Annie for a night out, they choose this same bar, and much to Annie’s surprise, Tyler is still employed there, and seems happy to see her. Tyler has a reputation as a total player, not one to settle down or be willing to find ‘the one’. However, Tyler is shocked to see Annie again after three years and can’t seem to get her out of his head. He wants to spend a lot more time with her. Will Annie be another notch for Tyler, or can they develop something worth investing in?

Ms. Parker has crafted another sweet and sexy romance with “Picture Us”. Characters from the previous books in this series make appearances, so, though this story stands alone, readers may want to grab all the books in the series since they intertwine. The struggles in “Picture Us”, which includes life changing news, is well portrayed and realistic. This addition to the series will leave readers satisfied with its simple yet entertaining plot. Though “Picture Us” delivers a well-worn storyline, its treatment is engaging and heartfelt on many levels. The characters shine through with maturity and care. The parental figures provide comic relief, yet remain very endearing. Ms. Parker has included a music playlist and also gifts readers with a wonderful concluding celebration.

Viola Robins