Physical Distraction (Physical Series #3)


Sloane Fitzgerald is on the run from the perfect life she had in San Diego. She heads to Boston, where her uncle has left everything to her upon his death - including his failing bar.  She feels this is a perfect change, and digs in to learn the business. When she meets Dylan Hemmons, she sees the man of her dreams in every way.  Dylan isn't looking for more than a couple nights of sheer fun - that is his rule. Sloane is perfect for him because she will be returning to San Diego.  Both will find that it does not take years to form a deep attraction, need and love, when it is the right one.


This fast-moving love story is a great weekend read.  It contains some slight typographical errors that may disrupt the reading experience. The author does a great job of connecting to a broad audience through loss, both in the military and out. Both characters must overcome their pasts and learn to trust each other. Dylan has learned of deep loss in the Marines and from the memory of his mother’s abandonment. A refreshing twist is Sloane, who is a strong female role, yet has a softer side at times that is written around her interactions with Dylan.  Sierra Hill does an amazing job with taking the holiday time and turning it into a molten-hot romance that gives hope to knowing when it is the one, all rules go out the window.  The steam factor in this story makes it one hot, sexy read!


Laura Dinsdale