Reviews - Contemporary


Kennie Sue Ledbetter won the grand prize from Honest Dub’s used cars in her home town of Tahoka Springs, Texas - an all-expense paid trip to Reno, Nevada!  When Kennie arrives, though, there are no reservations for her.  Unable to afford the hotel room, she heads back to the airport.

Sophie Reid, a makeup artist for a Los Angeles movie studio, is late and stuck in horrible traffic. When she hears the reason for the tangled mess is a loose dog on the roadway, she jumps out of her car to lend a hand in capturing the pup.

She Likes it Rough

After a near-death experience results in being awarded millions by the court, Lisa Flyte has decided it’s time to change her life.  She wants to be brave and take charge, but a life time of being walked over hasn’t exactly prepared her for that.

Rogue’s Son

WESTERN:  A fabulous contemporary romance "Rogue's Son" introduces us to Kit Kendall.  The owner of Sage Brush, a struggling West Texas bed and breakfast ranch, Kit has been trying to make ends meet since her father lost a bet to his neighbours, the Dawsons.

Without a Trace

“Love is not logical, love is nothing but risk.” Here exists the inherent premise of "Without a Trace". Matt Romero, a homicide detective who has suffered extreme loss and Rachel Bennett, a skilled investigative reporter who bears her own scars.