The Perfect Someday


On the last day of their vacation in Greece, JC and her sister Tracy are seeking the perfect spot to take photos of the incredible sunsets known for the area. A beautiful chapel fits the bill, but after an uphill hike they find the church doors closed and a wedding in progress. Barely taking any time to think they crash the wedding. Masks are handed out upon entering the church, which aids in their plan. During the reception, JC introduces them with false names to a group of Italian men who are also still masked. Maggie and May are the names they often used to deflect paparazzi that came with their wealthy step-father. One handsome Italian takes to Tracy immediately and helps her get the sunset shot she’s been searching for. Sparks fly, and with promises to meet again, their vacation ends and the girls head back to Colorado. Will her Italian call or has their chance meeting been just that?


“Perfect Someday” has something for everyone – images of Italy and Greece and the great visuals painted by the author transport readers to the beautiful Tuscan countryside with its old castles and vineyards, and the beauty of the magical sunsets of Greece. Romance found while on holiday is a notion that not many get to experience, and Ms. Preston’s version of this is fantastic! The suspense is evenly paced and readers will not put this one down until the end. This is book three of a series, and stands alone. Readers would enjoy the series after this Italian treat.


Julie Caicco