A Perfect Moment (Perfect #1)


HUMOR: Ella’s perfect moment was taken from her on her wedding day, when she caught her husband-to-be kissing another woman moments before the ceremony. Determined to never be hurt that badly again, she builds a wall around her heart. When Preston, her best friend Jo’s little brother comes to her rescue at Jo’s wedding, Ella discovers that she’s attracted to him. Preston has waited long enough to show Ella he loves her and is now on a mission to prove that the perfect moment is possible. However, Ella is not willing to break down her walls, no matter how Preston makes her feel or how sexy he looks.  


This lighthearted tale is told from the protagonists’ point of view, giving the reader an insightful look into the inner thoughts and feelings of the characters. While a woman falling in love with her best friend’s younger brother is not new, this novel adds in witty dialogue that entertains, even though it is slightly immature for the ages of the characters. The subplot of Preston’s coworker seems a bit contrived, however, it is overshadowed by the elements of humorous situations, tender moments, and sizzling sex scenes, which blend together in a smooth cohesion. 


The characters are well developed and likeable with a story line that is delightful, as well as, entertaining. With secondary characters that add to its appeal, this witty and captivating story takes the reader on a lively roller coaster ride along true love’s bumpy path to happiness. A must read for anyone who enjoys humor with their romance!


Janna Shay