Perfect Kiss – A Serenity Bay Novella, The Howards


Katherine Carlson wants to live her life free of her mother’s rule. She is given her chance for escape when opportunity in the form of Jamison Howard knocks on her door. Jaimie is tired of being held back by his bossy brothers and yearns to spread his wings in the real world. But when Jaimie discovers Kit hiding in the back seat of his car, he is skeptical about her claims of breaking free from her mother’s grip. While she still holds his heart in her hand, he’s been burned by her before. Can he take her seriously this time around? Will taking the risk lead to more heartbreak, or is there a possibility for a happily ever after?

“Perfect Kiss” is an easy read and owns many elements which make it perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon kind of book. However, there is inconsistency in both characters’ growth and personality traits which cause a reader to fall out of the story and often feel lost. A decent proofread is also recommended, as typos and formatting issues disturb the rhythm of the read. The heroine, while cute, does not evolve enough emotionally, often leaving the reader confused and possibly frustrated. The settings and scenery are gorgeous, and the story has a beautiful happy ever after ending which is what every reader expects in a romance.

Cecilia Robins