A Perfect Fit


Cami DeCarlo thought she had a wonderful family and life - until her father died and she discovers she has four half sisters sired by her father over years of infidelity that Cami had no knowledge of.  To make matters worse her father has bequeathed his multi-million dollar empire to each, only on condition that they all live and work together for one year!

Vince Talmadge is the landscape architect hired to oversee the new resort Mr. DeCarlo’s six daughters are expected to open and run.  Vince has heard all the stories but nothing prepares him for the attraction that hits him the moment Cami DeCarlo steps out of her car.  Although he knows she is in no position to accept a man in her life, Vince will make certain he is the one she will never forget - and hopefully never let go.

Wow!  What an amazingly unique and intriguing start to a very promising series!  This story starts out with a bang that punches the reader in the stomach right along with it’s heroine!  The possibilities are ripe as the reader anticipates how each daughter will deal with this new and very unwelcome situation!  Unfortunately this first installment drops the ball in that area by glossing over every opportunity for exploring further depth. The sex was also odd.  In an attempt to include it but still stay sweet, the reader is left wondering what happened!  Graphics aren’t necessary but the reader does need enough information buy into and believe the couple enjoyed it, especially when an entire weekend was spent together! Still, this story is great fun to read with the promise of much more enjoyment to come!

Ruth Lynn Ritter