Perfect: Breathless Book 1


Bailey Ann Mayfield returned to Breathless, Georgia to take care of her dad during his last days. He's gone now and her mama is gone too. Her two sisters have their own lives in California and Bailey Ann is left to pick up the pieces, settle all the affairs, fix up the house and sell it so the girls can share the inheritance her parents left behind. Bailey Ann did not expect to have her high school boyfriend show up at the funeral. A flood of emotions on both sides resurfaced. She previously cut him to the quick and he’s not sure he can forgive her, but his heart says different. Will they reconnect on a level the same as before or even better with maturity and some life lessons learned?

Ms. Kade covers some sensitive issues in “Perfect” with finesse and grace. The multitudes of emotions covered in this book are creative and carefully written. Although the many characters discussed at the funeral may overwhelm readers, they are supporting characters that make future appearances in the story. The history between Finn and Bailey Ann is sweet and readers will connect with their pasts that bring them to their present life situations. The remodeling of homes is nice addition to the plot and the emotional struggle between these two is authentic. The sensitive topic of prejudice is thoughtfully handled, bringing light to a tender subject. Part of a series but very much stands alone and if readers enjoy small town dramas this is the series to check out!

Viola Robins