The Passion Thief

Anne McCarthy

Betty Boomer and her husband Stan are at a crossroads in their marriage. Forty-three years old is too young to call it over, and after 23 years of marriage Betty is ready to take life by the horns - especially in the bedroom where Stan is lacking any enthusiasm, making her a very unhappy woman. Looking for trouble becomes the answer to her dilemma when she searches for her old boyfriend Michael O'Shaughnessy, the one who got away. As she embarks on a thrilling affair (a passionate and romantic fantasy) she begins to slowly feel guilty so, when Michael wants to take things to the next level, Betty's faced with the impact of her actions and the fear of truly losing Stan.


Betty is a straight-forward character that will resonate with women, whether or not one has worn the same shoes. Finding herself in an unhappy marriage with a decent guy makes for a very real and life-like situation. Her witty and confident traits can make her likeable and inspiring or can for some be seen as ruthless and selfish, either way this is a character that is not easy to ignore. The romance with Michael is a delightful type of fantasy that is interesting and provocative. The mundane look at her simple details of day to day life occasionally feel endless but when things begin to shake up, the reader is plunged once again into this exciting affair and the heart of the story. A refreshing look at a contemporary middle-aged woman with all the fun and appeal of a younger, sassy chick-lit style novel.


Margaret Faria