A Passing Storm

Phyllis J.

After 24 years of marriage Jennifer Redmond realizes that the relationship she shares with her husband Peter is ebbing to a close. Because of this, she decides to leave her husband and travel to Scotland in an effort to begin a new life on her own. She is both invigorated and terrified by her new situation. While staying at a lodge in Invergosgie, Scotland, she meets and is attracted to the lodge's new owner, Angus Cameron. Their mutual attraction gives her hope of a happy life, but is to be challenged by a near death accident and the duplicitous nature of her husband.

This overview of the book is appealing in theory. The beautiful backdrop of the Scottish landscape and scenery and the author's description of the setting is the true highlight of this book. It is too bad that the character's dialogue is unevenly written and does not capture the feelings they are supposed to have. Cliched comments and trite sayings are scattered throughout the book and detract from the overall climate of the story. Added to this, the strong feelings of love that are professed seem premature and unrealistic (some eye rolling occurred during these instances). All of this leaves one unable to settle in to the story and wishing it had lived up to its initial appealing potential.
Beth Chamberlain