The Parking Space

Angela Christina

CHICK-LIT/HUMOR:  Helen Wright has dreamed about her wedding day all her life, but at the church her fiancé high-tails it out the back door. Not all is lost, however. She’s a talented real estate agent, and her new client could lead to a big commission. Helen’s luck turns south again when the flighty movie star turns out to be more trouble than a ticket to freedom for Helen. With a mean streak and a pack of lies, the starlet puts Helen on the unemployment lineup. Fast forward, and her fat cat eats poison, but it’s fortuitous because she meets a very sexy veterinarian. Alas, Dr. Stark doesn’t want a relationship with Helen, but he does save her cat. When Helen’s best friend announces her wedding will be in Bora Bora things begin to look up. Imagine Helen’s surprise as she’s dining solo in paradise and Dr. Stark asks if he can join her for dinner!

“The Parking Space” is a quirky name for a light-hearted novel with pages of fun. Creative and free of clichés, this little gem makes one heck of an endearing read. The characters are believable and distinctly different. The humor doesn’t really hit the funny bone but it will make a reader smile. Dr. Stark has wonderful book-boyfriend potential, but the opportunity to give any real depth to his character wasn’t taken. Eventually, the mystery of the parking spot is tied up. Don’t miss this tropical tale as Helen’s love life changes with the sting of a jellyfish!

Sloane Austen