Paris in the Springtime (Seasons of Destiny Book 1)


Going back to her small hometown of Destiny, California, even for a short time was never part of the plan.  However, when Paris must leave her current job, she has little choice but to leave the city behind and move back home.  Now, living under the same roof, where she grew up, with her grandmother and aunt, Paris is determined to find another perfect job and get back to where she belongs.  What she does not anticipate is running into Greg, her old high school crush.  What starts out as a simple ‘catch lunch’ slowly turns into something more, and he has her questioning everything she thought she wanted in life.  As she gets closer to Greg, Paris must decide what is more important, her heart or her career. And with both on the line, Paris knows one may break.

Anyone who loves a sweet romance, with a strong female lead, will enjoy “Paris in the Springtime.”  Although Paris and Greg make for great characters, with little to no physical description and most conversations glossed over, it may be hard for readers to fully engage in the story. In addition, the constant battle between having to choose between love and career, where one is more important than the other may be off-putting for some readers.  Overall, for readers on the lookout for that typical, guy meets girl cute romance, “Paris in Springtime” will not disappoint.  With its quaint town and a cast of interesting characters, Ms. Aylworth starts a series most readers will surely follow until the very end.

Amy Cefoldo