Paris Adieu

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Ever since she first visited Paris, the city of light, Ava March fervently wished she would never have to leave. Paris is a dream she can never abandon. It’s one of her biggest weaknesses along with the Frenchmen.
The story follows Ava through three visits to Paris. When she was a lost girl who simply couldn’t pick a path to follow, Paris gave her direction. When she was a young woman barely out of college, unsatisfied with her relationships, Paris (and one delightful Frenchman) showed her what a love affair means. When she is a confident woman still unsure of her purpose in life, Paris shows her the future she really wants. And last, but not least, Paris teaches her what it means to actually love.
While not a romance novel in its strict definition, Paris Adieu is a charming novel about a woman coming to terms with who she is and what she wants from life. The concept of the story is unusual – while ten years or so go by, the only glimpses of Ava’s life is the time she spends in Paris. The problem is there are times when the story drags, when it simply fails to keep the attention of the reader. Then there’s Ava who has her flaws - it makes the story more believable, and yet still manages to exasperate the reader.  The very best thing – the choice Ava makes at the end!  A hard (and perfect) choice that leaves a flicker of hope for a happy ending!  
Ana Smith