Paradise Point


Liv just can’t seem to get it together.  Her real estate sales are slumping, she and her boyfriend are on the outs - she needs a fresh start.  When she volunteers to sell a houseboat for her boss on Coronado, it seems like the perfect chance to start over.  While working on the houseboat she gets to know Vam, the marina owner, who becomes like a surrogate mother to her.  Everything crashes when Vam dies…and Liv discovers she has inherited half of the marina!  And when Liv’s grandson Adam arrives to claim the other half of the marina, he wants to find out who wormed her way into Vam’s affection.  Liv thinks Adam is a real jerk, except she can’t stop looking at that muscular body.  Adam sees Liv as a gold digger, but he’s drowning in her blue green eyes and those luscious curves.  Things really heat up when Liv discovers that the houseboat has been used for criminal activity.  


“Paradise Point” is an action-packed romance thriller!  The relationship between Liv and Adam develops slowly but surely, with just the right amount of tension and tenderness.   The backstory of Adam’s special ops missions adds to his allure with just a hint of danger.  The Mexican drug cartel spices up the storyline, with just a touch of unpredictability.  There was an inconsistency as to whether Liv’s parents are dead or alive, and the ending was somewhat predictable.  “Paradise” is a real page turner, as Liv and Adam discover what they really want and fight for the right to have it.


Victoria Z. Burg