Painting the Lines: A Hot Romantic Comedy (Ace of Hearts Book 1)

Ashley R.

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Amalie Warner, a has-been best-selling author, is struggling to get inspiration for a story that ignites a spark in her soul when she runs into Julian Smoke, a washed-up tennis player in a bar. When she learns who he is, her imagination takes off and a plan unfolds. With financial backing from Amalie’s billionaire father, they embark on an adventure to benefit them both: Julian gets all of his training and coaching bankrolled in exchange for Amalie basing her new novel on his come-back to the Pros. Sparks fly between them despite their mutual disdain for each other, but can a love meant to last really form when a relationship is based on a business arrangement?

A whole heap of fun from the very first page, “Painting the Lines” is a superbly written tale of two people getting a second chance to achieve their dreams. Both Amalie and Julian are far more than they seem at the beginning, each hiding their own pain and struggles. The sexual tension between them is sizzling, and one can’t help but grin at their banter. This story also has some wonderfully poignant and touching moments. The reader will find themselves rooting for them as a couple, and for each of them as individuals, as they strive to reach their dreams. A well-deserved five stars!

Katy Nielsen