Painted Memories


Lilly gets a fresh start in a new city, gets a teaching job and can finally separate herself from her family tragedy back home in the suburbs of Georgia. She needs to prove to herself that she can make it on her own, since her father does not approve of her career choice of teaching vs. following in his footsteps at the family-owned law firm.  Andrea, her new teacher friend, is instantly protective of Lilly and helps her get better acquainted with her new surroundings. 


Drew is the handsome neighbor who lives upstairs, and takes an interest in Lilly right from the start. A talented artist, Drew also lacks his father’s approval of his career path. They soon find out they both work at the same school, they share a similar loss and continue to find many other things in common as they spend more time together. The road gets rocky on their journey together; however they manage a tender and loving relationship.


Bravo Ms. Flowers!! Drew and Lilly’s courtship, the settings.. in fact, the whole enchilada is wonderful! While this story includes suspense with some family pain and drama, it’s still a believable and sweet love story. Penned with such grace that the reader is easily able to believe this could truly be a couple of their friends, or even a part of their own family. There are a few proofing errors along the way, but this down to earth story along with its adorable characters, make this book a real treat! 


Julie Caicco