Pacifically You

Christie A.C.

Marine biologist Dr. Lisbeth Drake secures a grant from world-renowned scientist Dr. Chase Logan to study her greatest passion - sharks. When they embark for six months onboard "Pacifically You"  to gather information for their study, more develops than a working relationship. When the sexual tension builds and the sparks fly, sharks and storms aren’t the only dangers they encounter.

An enjoyable read filled with witty dialogue, fishy puns, sexual tension, and romance!  The story starts quickly with the establishment of the deep connection between Lizzy, Tad, and Jason. This strong, family-like friendship plays an integral part in understanding Lizzy and adds to the richness of this tale of love, loss, and relationships. The love relationship that develops between Chase and Lizzy happens a little too fast, and Lizzy’s jealousy was a little incongruous with the incident that caused her irrational outburst, but all-in-all,  The characters are engaging, and the plot flows naturally. 

This tale not only entertains with romance and comedy, but also educates with interesting facts about sharks and their habits. The descriptive scenes paint a vivid picture, while the interconnection of the characters and the emergence of a romance makes this feel-good love story an entertaining and delightful read. 

 Janna Shay