Over Easy


Now a famous chef, Dash swore never to return to his hometown of Somerset, Vermont, — yet back he goes, to fulfill a debt he feels he owes. His goal is to save the Over Easy Diner, the only place he has happy memories of, and then get the heck out of dodge. He never expected Audra, the girl he left behind, to still be there, or that they would still have an undeniable pull and chemistry to spare. When they learn they are now co-owners of the diner, they need to learn to work together to save it. Dash never dealt with his traumatic childhood, leaving him struggling to deal with relationships, and Audra lost all faith in happy endings when her ex-husband cheated on her. They have a second chance to be happy together, but first they have to get over their past hurts to make things work out.

“Over Easy” is a charming second-chance story that will have readers hooked from the first chapter. Dash is a wounded hero and Audra is a spunky, fun heroine. She and her friends will definitely bring smiles to reader’s faces. Their relationship is complicated, to say the least, yet their chemistry is sizzling hot. The story itself has elements of humor, scorching romance and of course, some drama. Some of the secondary characters are great, adding humor and depth and a hope for their own stories, while the drama from Audra’s cousin seems overdone and unnecessary. It would benefit from a thorough proofread as typos throughout were incredibly distracting. Overall though, an enjoyable second chance romance with a happily ever after Dash and Audra absolutely deserve.

Katy Nielsen