Out of the Red


Making partner at her accounting firm has been Sara’s goal for the last year. She has put in hard work and many hours. It is her time. One more successful project and partner can be hers. Unfortunately, this next project is attached to a rock band past their prime. Their monthly expenses have been exceeding their income for months, and their previous accountants have been unsuccessful in reigning in the band's spending. Sara is up for the challenge and knows she can do it. Braxton Hunte is the lead for the group and has been living it up. He also fully supports an ex-wife and son. The band has seen number one hits, but it’s been awhile, and now tour dates are dwindling. Can Sara jump in and save what’s left of the group and their money or is it too late?

Ms. Rivers has a number one rock star hit romance with “Out of the Red”. This is the first in the Hunte Family series. The romance is slow to brew but heats up rapidly. The characters are created so that readers will be drawn in immediately. Some minor predictability is the story’s only flaw; however, the super sleuthing that Sara does and touring with the band is superbly portrayed. The supporting characters only add more depth and drama to the band and the way they all tick. The writing is imaginative and consistent with the1990’s. The alternating perspective of each chapter is a fantastic addition. This is a fun, quick summer read that stands alone wonderfully and will build the anticipation for more works from Ms. Rivers!

Viola Robins