Out of Left Field (Deadlines & Diamonds, #3)

Morgan Kearns
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Matthias Xavier III is at the top of his game.  He's cocky, he's gorgeous and he's the starting left fielder for the MLB Las Vegas Rockets.  He can (and does) have any woman he wants, and he likes his life just fine the way it is.

Frankie Holden spends her days patching up cocky athletes as the team physician for the Rockets.  She keeps them all at arm's length, especially X - one of the biggest "players" on the team.  When Xavier blows out his shoulder and has no one help him after his surgery,  Frankie ignores her growing feelings for him and takes over his rehab - but can she deal with Xavier's plays when they're aimed directly at her?

Out of Left Field is the third entry in the Deadlines  & Diamonds series.  Xavier and Frankie's story holds up well as a stand-alone, although reading the first two books would provide enough background to make this romance even more enjoyable.  No new ground is broken here with the plot, and the last third of the book wanders into some super-sappy, almost unbelievable territory, but it's smoothly written with a great relationship between the main characters.  The author tells a realistic story of a sports injury and recovery and the chemistry between the leads is very nicely done!  Another other bonus here is that Xavier resembles the cover model, Jimmy Thomas (always a good thing).

Readers looking for a breath-catching romantic ending will love this one; the rest of us will find an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours, and a desire to read more by this author!

Tammy Grant