Out of the Gold


Charles ‘Chase’ Wright is filming a super-hero movie in Italy, and Melody Hunte (daughter of famous musician Braxton Hunte) has to spend 2 hours every morning sewing him into his costume. They grew up near each other in Chicago, but didn’t know each other, although his little sister was mean and bullied Melody and her best friend in school. Chase and his sister had to practically raise themselves because their parents were too busy climbing the career ladder. They were left with nannies mostly, creating emotional problems for the kids. As an adult, Chase wants to be seen as a serious actor and not as an action hero, but that seems to be the niche he has fallen into. Over time, Melody sees and hears the longing for something more in Charles, and wants to help him believe in his dream and reach for it himself. 

Ms. Rivers makes these characters believable with her writing. She seems adept at describing the minutiae of being on a movie set, as well as the beauty of Italy and the Amalfi Coast. The protagonists both deal with conflicts that are explored throughout the story, and the supporting characters are mostly likeable. The plot is plausible, and each character reacts realistically to the challenges they face within the storyline. The tension is steady, with a bit of a mystery thrown in to increase it at times. Arell Rivers throws in the right amount of angst mixed with some reckoning and forgiveness to create a moving and heartfelt story! 

Carey Sullivan