Out of Control (Forever Friends, Book 3)


Liz Warner, owner of Liz’s Deco Corner, has always wanted to be a mother. After her divorce and years of fertility treatments, she has decided to accept her fate and seek other options for motherhood. After successfully applying and becoming approved for foster care, she is patiently waiting for the right child to come into her life. Widower Dave Morgan suddenly found himself as a single father to his three children, Jenn, DJ (Deege), and Randy. Finding his footing has been hard, but Jenn has been the rock that he needed. When Dave and Liz meet at a mutual friend’s house for a dinner party, sparks fly. Between school, working at Liz’s shop, and helping with meals and shopping, Jenn is looking forward to college and just being free of so many obligations since her mother’s death.  When Jenn finds herself pregnant, Dave and Liz become even closer, trying to help Jenn come to terms with which motherhood path she will choose.

“Out of Control” is a heartbreakingly wonderful story of life, loss, and unexpected grace. The various storylines, from Liz’s struggle to become a mother, to Dave’s newly widowed life of being a single father, and Dave’s children's points of view on life without their mother, will resonate with many different types of readers. When one throws in the complexity of an unexpected teen pregnancy and how each person is affected by it, it is a real eye-opener. Readers will appreciate the realness of how Ms. Gardner navigates the plotlines as they wind their way together.  A must-read for teens and adults alike! 

Alison Ellis