Out of the Blue (The Hunte Family Series #4)


Have you been burned by love? Trent Washington and his band, The Light Rail, are embarking on their first big break. They will be opening for one of the world’s hottest bands, Hunte, during their eastern seaboard tour. It’s the perfect dream distraction from Trent’s failed love and family disappointments. Having been burned by the lies of his last girlfriend and his lately deceased mother, Trent swears to only engage in casual intimacy from here on. Don’t waste his time on love. Then he meets Cordelia Hernandez. Cordelia was a random one-night stand who later becomes his band’s new social media manager. Cordelia, likewise, has suffered the betrayal of a lying, backstabbing ex, as well as the negligence of a maternal parent. Now she has, as she puts it, a “no repeatsies” policy. Will their friendship during the tour turn into something more?

Arell Rivers captures the excitement of newfound celebrity, performance jitters and the euphoria of hoped-for success while providing an emotional ride. The main characters’ deep reservations about trust and vulnerability keep a damper on their initial chemistry. This is sustained through half of the book, leaving their early hookups feeling rather impersonal. Trent and Cordelia’s trust issues mean the keeping and spilling of secrets is a major sticking point between them. Knowing this makes the drama predictable. Their emotional baggage and arguably some character flaws, will trigger anger, frustration, and disappointment. Hasty atonements towards the end may delight some and let down others. “Out of the Blue” is recommended for readers who love an angsty rock star romance, and for those eager to meet more of the delectable Hunte family!

Joan Lai