Orchid Blooming (Goodbye, Orchid Series – Book 1)

Van Den Hende

Orchid Paige works as a marketing specialist in the beauty industry. Her mixed heritage sparks an interest in her Asian ancestors. When her employer offers up the possibility of a chance to travel to China for a six week assignment, Orchid knows she must win the promotion. Yet, she worries she won’t be good enough. Enter the hero, entrepreneur Phoenix Walker, who takes her under his wing to work on his non-profit project. Geared to veterans, the subject triggers her own PTSD. Together, Orchid and Phoenix work through the trauma, bringing them closer together in the process. When she gets offered the position in China, will she be able to walk away from the man who’s made his way past her emotional defenses?

 “Orchid Blooming” is a well-written story of self-discovery and resilience. Told in multiple points of view, you get a wonderful insight into what all the characters are thinking, even though at times it can be a bit confusing. Even more confusing is that this is a prequel to an earlier release that told a far more emotional story of Orchid and Phoenix. The insight into the beauty industry itself is interesting while not being overdone. This tale handles the issue of personal PTSD in a gentle, yet affirming way, bringing light to a subject that is not spoken about very often, at least not outside a military-style setting. The author handles the subject well, and even finishes with information and acknowledgments of her research. This is a complete story with a satisfying ending. If you enjoy contemporary stories with interesting characters, you will most likely want to read this book.

N.E. Kelley