One Year to Forever (Halos & Horns, Book 4)


MILITARY:  Nope. No way. Haley Broussard didn’t do long-distance relationships. So a military man with an impending seven-month stretch in Afghanistan was definitely out of the question. Yes, she likes that he defended her, danced with her, and kissed her till she felt weak in the knees, but with the odds they faced, how could two weeks together turn into forever?

Ben Bonin wants his woman to know he’s well worth the wait. If he needs to get up at 2 am for Skype sessions, and have roses delivered every Monday, then that’s what he will do. Every Marine knows the risks of leaving his girl behind. But no Marine ever backs down from a challenge, either.

Positively swooneriffic! “One Year to Forever” renews one's faith in true romance and the kind of love that lasts a lifetime. Ms. Leger’s devotion to this story shines like a bright new penny. The plight of military relationships and life while deployed is raw and real, garnering greater appreciation for the sacrifices of our military men, women, and their families. “One Year to Forever” proves that chivalry is very much alive, and a warrior’s heart fights for love just as fiercely as it fights for freedom. Thank you, and Ooh Rah, Ms. Leger!    

Sofia St. Angeles