One Unexpected Adventure (Her Journey #2)


After working tirelessly for years to see a new company rise, Ava finally lands her dream position. But before she officially takes on her new role, her sister suggests that Ava take a much needed vacation to a small town in Iceland. Thinking a little downtime might just fix the odd feeling in her chest, Ava agrees but is not prepared for the sexy, standoffish tour guide to turn her life upside down. Brooks has dedicated his life to saving and protecting the people around him. When the fishing trade thins, threatening the town’s livelihood, Brooks knows he has to figure out what is causing the problem. Taking tourists out while his dad recovers is not helping him figure out the mystery; However, the irritating woman he is showing around might just have the solution to their problems.

A beautiful snowcapped story filled with warmth and mixed with a little mystery that is sure to delight. This story starts with Ava and Brooks at odds with one another, but slides beautifully into a romance that melts the heart in a relatable way. The small things that Brooks does not just for Ava, but for the town, really makes his character shine, and causes the reader to see the warm soul under the hard exterior. The way in which Ava’s character grows and realizes what has actually been missing in her life is extraordinary. The only thing that causes some reader pushback is the odd placement of some of the comparisons. With the cozy Christmas feelings the townspeople exude, and the sweet husky tying it all together, this story is breathtaking.

Annalee Stilove