One Summer Day (Prosperity Ranch #1)

Heather B.

Knowing her daughter Ruby needs her grandparents in her life, Macie decides to spend the summer at Prosperity Ranch.  Although spending time with ex in-laws is not the ideal situation, Macie is hopeful that during this time she can find a way to piece her life back together and maybe mend her heart as well.  Holt never truly got over his brother Knox asking out Macie before he could, but he hopes he can put the past behind him, if just for the summer.  However, from the moment he sees Macie again, he knows it will not be easy to keep his distance.  The more time Macie spends at the ranch and in Holt’s company, the more she begins to wonder if this cowboy is someone who can help her move forward and bring new life to her heart.

A love story about healing, family, and second chances, “One Summer Day,” will warm readers’ hearts and brighten their days.  Macie is a loveable character who any reader will be able to relate to on some level.  The desire to start over, to overcome mistakes, even if not all together a new concept, is something everyone can relate to. Ms. Moore brings together a character arc and plot that will satisfy.  Macie and Holt have great chemistry together; however, their history may be hard for some to look past in order to believe their love story.  Other than the two main characters, everyone else is fairly two-dimensional, with little depth or development.  In the end, however, the reading experience is one of enjoyment, sure to please those who already love Ms. Moore’s writing.

Amy Cefoldo