One Night in Vegas


Talk about lousy friends. Amy Leigh Paisley can’t believe her friends didn’t realize she wasn’t behind them when they boarded the airplane...and just left her in Vegas, alone. What’s a girl to do? Go shopping and hit the bars, of course. She wants to have a drink or two and get her dance on.

Trent Mulherin is hot, sexy and rich. Sitting alone in the Bar, Trent notices a beautiful woman walk in...alone. Approaching her after he realizes there is no other man with her, they strike up a conversation. After a bit of teasing over drinks, a bet is struck and the heat begins to rise, leading to a wild night of sex.  Amy awakens the next morning to find nothing but a note and a marriage license!  Keeping it a secret is impossible, as pictures have been sent to Trent’s family...suddenly the two are in way over their heads!

Ms. McQueen sure knows how to pen a fun, sexy tale!  Although a bit predictable, this short novella cranks up the heat quickly. With such interesting characters, one wishes there had been more story added to the hot, heavy, and very frequent sex scenes. Still, readers will find themselves invested and rooting for Amy and Trent’s marriage to stick even though they were virtually strangers when married. There are a couple of situations whose threads are left hanging, leaving one wondering and a little confused. Still, if one has a couple of hours to relax...kick back, have a margarita and enjoy this fast, fun, hot, sexy read. Cheers!!!

Lynne Bryant