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Singled Out

Singled Outtakes place against the backdrop of Australia

Deep Enough to Bleed

NEW ADULT/WOMEN'S FICTION:  After Jolene and Adams drug-addicted mother abandons them, their father takes out his frustrations on his children.

Bruce Coldwell is an award-winning bass fisherman and best friends with triathlete Crista Johnson. When Bruce comes to visit Crista in between tournaments, he decides he wants Crista to hook him up with her beautiful next-door neighbor.

Liz Baker enjoys her quiet life. She does not long for the limelight but is a true Southern gal and finds herself unable to say no to someone in need. Ian Clarke, a British TV star, refuses to let anyone or anything come between him and his goal to make it in Hollywood.

Manon DuPre is desperate to get away from her stalker ex. When Danny Sherwood, an Arizona Highway trooper, pulls her over for speeding, she’s certain her ex will catch up any minute. Danny grew up to be a protector and his instincts scream that Manon needs help.