One Last Risk (Oak Grove #1)


Two hours from Philadelphia is the town of Oak Grove, where Sarah Robinson has moved with her daughter for a new start, far away from the tragedy of her past. Lucas Bennett is dealing with a tragedy of his own. He is also the medic that pulls her from the wreckage of her car after a horrible car accident. Each of them are fighting their own demons and don't have much room for forgiveness. Sarah is raising her daughter on her own and when Lucas shows up, it takes both by surprise that feelings are so close to the surface. Can they assist each other in the healing process at hand or does fate have a different plan?

Ms. Stopper is a beautiful storyteller! There is heartbreak and healing throughout "One Last Risk", a tremendous start to a new series. The life of a firefighter and paramedic is the main focus but the author also shines a light on the fate of victims left in the wake of tragedy. Although extremely well written, the novel is a bit predictable — with its small-town premise and local coffee shop/bakery as the hub of all town gossip. No new ground is trod here, but the path travelled by the author is one readers will not want to pass up! A quick, heart-warming summer read, "One Last Risk" introduces a family of to-die-for heroes and town readers will all want to call their own. 

Viola Robins