One Chance (The Aliso Creek Novella Series)

Heather B.


Valentina is a beautiful Puerto Rican 5’11” runway model in New York City, but it’s just a job. Sure she still loves the clothes, the exotic destinations, and prides herself in her work, but sometimes the hype and ogling hardly make it all worth it. She’s just received a wedding invitation for her cousin’s wedding in Santa Monica that may be just the thing to give her a break from it all.  After landing in Cali, it becomes apparent that this little vacation will be anything but restful. Cesar is a guy from her past. In fact, he used to steal her lunch every day! But Cesar didn’t look like that when they were 12 years old. And then there’s Drew! Sure it’s been two years now, but she’s not sure she’s over him and has no idea what she’ll do if they run into each other again.

ONE CHANCE pulls you in right off the bat and snuggles you in for a bubble bath and jammies kind of day!  A beautiful main character and a hunkyityhunkhunk love interest have the reader wanting to lock themselves away for a dreamy escape. The characters become your closest friends and the reader will want to hang out with them again and again. The only complaint? Reading the last page and saying: “What?!? No!!! I need more more Moore!”

Sandy Ponton