Offside!: Not Everyone Plays By The Rules (Shane Henderson Diary Book 1)

Jamie Tucker

SPORTS:  Shane Henderson is a young boy when he meets Brazilian cutie Mia Rodrigues, after his family relocates from Ireland to Scotland. Over the years, as their careers and lives move on, the one thing that remains consistent is their passion – both for soccer and for each other. They see each other through successes and failures, always managing to seek love in the wrong places when it has been right in front of their noses the whole time. Can they see past their lust long enough to find love?

 This coming of age story immerses you into the world of soccer; therefore the reader must be a fan to begin with. A lot of information is given throughout and at times is a lot to digest. Written in a diary style, the story touches emotions in abundance, yet seems to either stay in one place for too long or speeds up too rapidly,  making it a struggle for the reader to keep up. A few secondary characters add to the plot but are not given enough time in the spotlight to be as effective as they could be. Some very steamy scenes and some foul language are present. Overall the story is intriguing with a good backbone – a good starting point for the first book in this series.

 Margaret Faria