Novelista Girl


CHICK-LIT/ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Kimberly Long's profession as a legal secretary is about to change when she writes her first manuscript and is ready to take on the literary world. Alongside her dream of being an author, she runs a successful book blog which fuels her passion with the support from her lawyer boyfriend, Nicholas Strong. When it becomes difficult to secure a publishing contract and Nicholas has career ambitions of his own, they begin to drift further apart. Adding insult to injury, her long-time high school nemesis is currently a successful author, which leaves Kimberly feeling like a failure and wondering if any of her dreams are meant to come true after all.


Kimberly has grown up and is a star simply shining in the afterglow of a successful sequel. The story of her leap from blogger to new author - which catapults her to a new level of sophistication while allowing her to shed her insecure high school attitude and baggage - reminds the reader that chick-lit is in fact not dead but alive and well. There are moments of friendship drama that are reminiscent of the previous book, however it is not enough to steer the reader off the track of the overall entertainment and humor of the new story.  Her sparkly and endearing personality blazes through while Nicholas has turned into a compelling boyfriend with sex appeal and tenderness. An overall gratifying read with honesty and light-hearted fun!


Margaret Faria