Not a Word about Love


COMEDY/WOMEN'S FICTION:  Maya has come to the turning point. She’s struggling with just about everything – marriage, her career, her mother’s death, what she wants to accomplish in life, and who she really is. Her husband arranges for her to go on a solo vacation, believing it might help her get back on track. Although skeptical, Maya decides to give it a shot. But as soon as she boards the plane to her holiday destination (Thailand), she finds herself strangely attracted to the man sitting next to her. And he’s interested in her too. They meet up several times and through this new connection, she discovers parts of herself, who she really is and wants to be. 

The highlight of the book is Thailand, without a doubt. The author describes the setting, the food and the culture in such detail the reader can imagine actually being there.

Maya is a difficult character to like. She makes one poor decision after another, but after a while, the reader comes to understand just why she makes those decisions. However, it’s still hard to connect with her. Joe isn’t all that great either, and Maya is head over heels for him, failing to see his true colors. Definitely not the light-hearted romance one might expect it to be, but instead an enjoyable read about the journey to self-discovery. 

Majanka Verstraete