Not Quite Perfect (Not Quite #5)


Mary Kildare is a well-liked therapist, and very good at her job. Sadly, having been a therapist for a few years has only reinforced her lack of trust in men. Her youth and lack of parental devotion is why she has grown up intensely independent, relying only on herself, and never asking for help. When she meets Glen Fairchild, wealthy pilot, she finds him handsome and charismatic…and knows he’s a player from the get go. Having mutual friends has given them time to be around one another and after a year, it’s time to kick things up a notch. But how will a romance work when they both live on separate coasts? When someone starts to threaten Mary, will it tear them apart or bring them closer together, and will Mary be able to accept the help that is offered?

Ms. Bybee has done it again! “Not Quite Perfect” is a fun, easy going read. Glen is every woman’s dream man: sexy, wealthy and he flies his own plane...what’s not to love? And Mary: even with her issues and not being able to accept help, it’s understandable once readers find out about her youth, even though sometimes one just wants to shake her. When the attacks begin it’s not hard to figure out who the bad guy is, and there really isn’t a whole lot of angst in the story. This is number five in the Not Quite series and stands totally on its own. It is a sweet romance with a touch suspense thrown in - fans of both genres are sure to enjoy!

Lynne Bryant