Not Quite Mine

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No one knows that Katelyn “Katie” Morrison and Dean Prescott had a past relationship. While attending her brother's wedding, Katie is once again reminded that Dean is the only man she has ever loved, and running into him makes her realize that maybe she made a mistake where he is concerned. However, this isn't her only dilemma. Upon returning home after the ceremony, Katie discovers a newborn baby girl on her doorstep! She decides to keep the baby until she can locate the mother but knows that she can't let Dean or her family know. Her past reputation as a wealthy party girl has led everyone to believe she's not the responsible all!  Dean knows that Katie isn't being truthful, she's hiding something, but regardless of that fact, he realizes he still loves her. Once he discovers she has a child, his protectiveness kicks in, and the two decide to work together to find the biological mom. When all the truth is uncovered, however, will the love that they have rekindled be able to survive it?

While the premise of abandoned babies on doorsteps isn't new, Ms. Bybee puts a fun and unique twist in the plot! The reasoning behind the babies abandonment is bit hard to swallow, and the legalities of baby abandonment are glossed over but the story is still very enjoyable.  Katie and Dean's story teaches us about finding love again, repeating (or not) our parents' mistakes, and most importantly, that blood is not the only thing that makes a family. Not Quite Mine is an endearing, fun, fast read that will leave a happy smile on anyone's face!   No baby wipes required ;)

Tonya Smalley