Not Quite Enough (Not Quite #3)


Monica Mann is an emergency room RN - highly respected, loyal and confident at her job. When an earthquake and tsunami hit Jamaica, Monica and few others from her hospital take leave and volunteer to help the relief efforts. Known as the Ice Queen at the hospital, the nickname has become her protective coat of armor to deal with what she has to see on a daily basis.  Unfortunately it has also found its way into her personal ‘temporary’ romantic relationships. Once in Jamaica she is immediately put to work in some of the worst conditions imaginable.  


Trent Fairchild is the gorgeous pilot assigned to deliver her. He is laid back and little too casual to comfort Monica with her fear of heights but the chemistry between them is immediate and strong. After a few encounters they decide to enjoy a break from the chaos to explore each other... until disaster strikes and both must confront more fears than they bargained for. 


Bybee has created a truly great romantic relationship! Readers will certainly devour this book and most likely be sad when it has to end. The plot and the characters are written true to life and are very relatable. This is especially seen in Monica and Trent’s situation and growing feelings as they work through very realistic ups and downs. With such an intense plot line, the witty banter is appreciated between all the characters. The work- related struggles and the relationship issues that Monica experiences are credible and make for a wonderful escape!

Julie Caicco