Not Quite Dating


Jessica Mann is a single mom struggling to make ends meet by waiting tables on the nightshift at Denny’s when a rather drunk bunch of cowboys come in and sit down.  While the handsome one with the sizzling dimples teases and flirts with her, Jessie isn’t taken in.  Life has been too hard and she loves her son too much to let an obvious party-boy tempt her.  What she needs is stability, a man with money who can guarantee her and her son a better life.

Jack Morrison, the son of a billionaire, and multi-millionaire in his own right, is sick of women pursuing him only for his money.  So, when the pretty waitress at Denny’s catches his eye, he decides to keep his background a secret and just become the down-on-your-luck cowboy she sees.  Soon, however, he discovers this woman, who refuses to date him because she needs a man with money, to be just what he has always dreamed of.  Now... how to unravel the muddle he is in!

This isn’t rocket science, folks - there are no bombs, explosions, evil empires, blood draining or conspiracies-  this is just pure unadulterated, sigh-worthy romance!  The characters are real and the plot is believable, while still holding that touch of fantasy to dream about.  Jessie is a middle-class everywoman with heartache and baggage, who is loyal, kind, loving, yet pragmatic and a bit jaded.  Jack is the Cowboy every woman dreams of finding, rich but humble, slatheringly sexy, yet impulsive and awkward at times - sigh.  For anyone looking for a warm, cozy, tear-jerker of a Christmas comfort read, it just doesn’t come better than this!

TJ Mackay