Not Over You

Heather B.

Jana has stayed behind while everyone else in her life seems to have moved on. Her parents have moved to a condo and belong to a country club; her sister is a lawyer who is making a name for herself in the corporate world; and the boy who broke her heart, Knox, is on the fast track to becoming a rodeo champion. When Knox comes back to town for the rodeo, Jana has to face their past, confront the issues that separated them, and determine to forgive or to forget.

Readers who are not even western fans will still fall hard for “Not Over You.” The story is one that readers can relate to in some form or fashion regardless if they know anything about ranching or rodeos. The family dynamic and conflict is clear and well-constructed. Readers will be able to sympathize with Knox and Jana as they struggle to face the past and move on with the future. The author writes a beautiful story of love, forgiveness, and bravery that entertains and warms the heart.

Will Knox and Jana have the strength to confront their families and declare their intentions to build a life together—with or without their blessings? To do so, the families would have to unite and accept that forgiveness and honesty can go a long way in solving most any conflict. 

Carly Fulmer