None but You (Austen Inspirations #2)

Franky A.

CHICK-LIT:  Anna never thought she would see her first love, Erick Walsworth, again, so she is beyond surprised when she finds out he is stationed back in their hometown. She is forced to face her demons - both with Erick and the breakup that was the worst decision of her life, and with her family, who she blames for the breakup.  Can Anna work through problems with her family and her need for independence to figure out what she wants?  And will Erick be willing to give her a second chance?


This Austen-inspired romance will leave one enchanted and excited to read more books in the series. The romance was sweet and simple but was also very elegant. The plot was strong with an outstanding opening, middle and end. The setting was winsome, the characters were memorable.  The story was just overall, very romantic. It's always nice to read stories about the one who got away and the possibilities of getting a second chance. This was a clean romance. If one is an Austen fan, this is a polished must-read.

Jessica Samuelsen