Nobody Else But You: Pacific Vista Ranch, Book 1


Holt Ericsson shows up at the Pacific Vista Ranch as spokesman for Harry Shaw. He has a proposition for Chris McNeill, owner of the ranch. They want to shoot a western on the property. Chris is hesitant, since he moved his girls out here to get away from the movie industry and paparazzi following a family tragedy. Once he agrees, Holt Ericsson, stuntman for the movie, moves onto the ranch to watch over the movie horses. The youngest daughter and ranch manager, Sam, is furious! She hates Holt on sight. It seems like everything that comes out of his mouth offends her. Now, on this hot California night, they find themselves in the shadows talking about Sam’s fears. Next thing Sam knows, she is in Holt’s arms, kissing passionately and fireworks explode! 

“Nobody Else But You” is a unique story that tells how revisiting a tragedy can be healing to those still overcome by grief. Ms. Marti is brilliant at constructing her characters from the main characters of Sam and Holt to the lesser characters of Dylan and Amanda. All are individuals with their own opinions and emotions. It is easy to imagine the barns and the general layout of the ranch along with horses grazing in the pastures. The scenes progress in a compelling manner and the story is told at a nice pace. The facts about running a horse-breeding ranch are realistic. Ms. Marti makes the reader an active part of her story through the five senses. One can almost feel those hot Santa Ana winds as they read this story and feel the grittiness on their skin!

Belinda Wilson