Nobody’s Perfect


Summer Jackson had it all together. Until she discovered her husband’s infidelity on a national radio broadcast, that is.  Divorced and kicked out of the house, Summer takes a job with her sister’s nanny service business, where she finds herself in the home of Craig Hartmann - none other than the radio deejay “Cliff Hanger” who made her humiliation public.   A chaotic house, three adorable but rambunctious children, and a good man she’s determined to distance herself from were not at all a part of Summer’s dream of becoming a wedding planner.  But she just might find it was what she needed all along.

Gina Ardito crafts an excellent story written from an intriguing point of view that draws the reader into the hearts of the characters. Her Hero and heroine are real, deep, and easy to identify with. Life is sometimes messy, and the author does a great job of presenting a realistic romance that doesn’t shy away from ugly events while simultaneously delivering a fun, flirty read. There were only two issues with the book. The resolution for one of the plot lines involving the ex-wife seemed fairly unrealistic, and a random few chapters from a different sister’s point of view broke up the cohesiveness of the story. Otherwise, the author delivers a well-written, enjoyable and hard-to-put-down novel full of spunk and sassy fun!.


Stephenia McGee