Nobody’s Darling


April Raine has had it tough – pregnant at seventeen, divorced from her high school sweetheart, she is single-parenting her two children - one of them born with Down’s syndrome.  She finds the drive to create Rainy-Day-Wife, providing family support –meals, carpooling, errands, homework and housework.   April claims her service reduces the stress on families, helping them function.  She’s successful, but she has her critics. The loudest voice comes from Dr. Jeff, stating that April’s business tears down the family, which is already in trouble since women are raising children and having careers.  When they square off on a daytime talk show, they agree to spend one month in a mountain retreat that was built for couples to work on their marriages, to see whose viewpoint will win out.  Hidden cameras and microphones will record everything.  The winner will receive one hundred thousand dollars!  April needs the money to care for Michael;  Dr. Jeff is revolting, but she can win.  As for Dr. Jeff, he didn’t expect April to be so beautiful, and her life story resonates unexpectedly.  

Nobody’s Darling has a great story line!  What will happen between April and Dr. Jeff during their 30 day hiatus?  Their relationship has just the right amount of push-and-pull, with both characters revealing past hurts and mistakes.  April’s channeling of Bette Davis quotes brings just enough humor into an otherwise serious plot.  And Dr. Jeff morphs from a judgmental psychologist into a tender companion who sees April for what she really is and reaches her in a way no one ever has.  Five stars for a romance that will melt a reader’s heart!

Victoria Z. Burg