Nobody’s Business



Douglas Sawyer’s world has collapsed.  Three months ago he was a reporter embedded with a military unit in Iraq.  Now he is missing his right arm and his career.  When his mother enrolls him in Ski-Hab, a snow ski rehab program for soldiers with physical disabilities, Doug is skeptical it will help.  His first day on the slopes, he meets Brooklyn Raine, or Lyn Hill as she’s now known.  Once a gold Olympic medalist, she’s lived in seclusion since her husband’s death four long years ago.  Doug smells a story, one that could catapult him back to the journalistic world.  Except Lyn doesn’t want her story told.  Once again, Gina Ardito writes a tender love tale, as a man struggling with his own limitations cares  for a woman long alone, but craving a relationship.  Lyn’s heart awakens as Doug reaches out, and Doug finds a more important story to tell in his own life.  


Nobody’s Business is a compelling tale addressing modern day themes – war, injury, death, and recovery.  The reader will root for Doug in his quest to romance the reluctant Lyn, and Lyn’s gradual awakening from grief and isolation is well told, with emotion and nuance.  Doug’s conflict over his feelings for Lyn versus his mining her for information about her life adds to the story’s depth.  Readers will thoroughly enjoy a tale about two individuals who are so different from each other, yet their life trajectories bring them together with an unforgettable impact.  Another 5 star read from Gina Ardito!


Victoria Z. Burg