No Going Back



ACTION ADVENTURE:  Kellen and Joey Brand are shocked when they learn that their mother has left them the family homestead in Riverside, West Virginia.  With nothing but sad memories of poverty, hunger, and bullying, they can't wait to be rid of it.  That is, until Kellen visits her old home and becomes caught up in the town's current commotion with a developer trying to build a swanky resort.  Meeting the mysterious Luke Kenyon doesn't help matters - one minute he's charming and she's being swept off her feet, and the next minute they're fighting like cats and dogs.  Kellen decides she wants to sell her mother's property to the developer, but Luke and half the town oppose her.  When she meets up with her old school mate David, it seems like old times, and Riverside begins to grow on her.  She can't make up her mind - should she sell her property and go back to her old life, or keep it and embrace the town?  Can she go back again? 

Petie McCarty writes a tender story of a young girl revisiting her roots, and trying to decide what's best.  The romantic triangle between Kellen, Luke and David is teasing, keeping the reader guessing where Kellen's heart truly lies.  With a hint of suspense and a scary encounter at the old mill, Ms. McCarty gives the reader a clean, fresh take on a favorite romance trope!

Victoria Z. Burg