Reviews - Contemporary

Sophie Taylor is having a really bad day. The history teacher has been let go due to budget cuts, and the bank is in need of payment for a note that her father took out on the family home. He has been unreachable while in Asia on his current archeological dig.

Chasing Love

WESTERN:  Chase Ryan has been working hard on his Kentucky ranch and wants a night out for a little break.  A new face in town enters the bar and he cannot take his eyes off her. Samantha Cross is looking for a distraction from her thirtieth birthday and a handsome cowboy is exactly what she has in mind.

Recently divorced, Layla and her 16 year old daughter Elle leave Seattle for a new start in Las Vegas, where they find an inexpensive vehicle and an apartment in a not-so-great part of town. Layla's new job is an administration position at a training center for UFL fighters.

WESTERN:  Cassandra is announced the winner of another shooting competition in Tennessee. This red-headed sharp shooter beats out the men each time! Her hard work and dedication are just starting to pay off when she gets a letter from an attorney in Wyoming and she has to go home as soon as possible.

Dr. Jackie Brandon runs a marine mammal rescue centre in northern bay of San Francisco, CA. Her non-profit centre has all it can handle lately - something in the water is killing the marine life.  Her search for the source of the contamination brings her to the shores of the Tavonesi vineyard and its handsome owner - and all-star baseball player Alex Tavonesi.