Nightingale (Steel MC Montana Charter Book 9)

Michel Prince &
Wren McCabe

Amber is on her way to meet her ex-husband to do the bi-monthly kid exchange. The Montana highway is littered with semi-trucks and motorcycles; however one of the semi’s jack-knifes ahead of her and sends the group of motorcyclists all over the highway. The nurse in her has her itching to run to help, but protecting her two young kids from the carnage has her holding back. Her inner ‘Nightingale’ wins out and she has her supply bag in hand and locks the kids in the minivan with strict orders to stay put. The MC is grateful for an additional skilled set of nursing hands who can triage and assist their own doctor… is she putting herself in harm’s way with this group?

Ms. Prince and Ms. McCabe have a ‘Mountain’ that many readers will want to climb! This character, Bjorn ‘Mountain’ Jensen, is a big softy, and matching him with Amber, the heroine, is a genuine connection. The kids and ex-husband lend to the authenticity of modern day living. The rival MC making threats adds to the drama. The do-gooders portrayed by helping with rescues for those in danger is also a huge draw to this story. Although this story stands alone, there is a multitude of characters that readers would most likely know better by reading the previous books. Each club member also having a nickname adds a multitude of names for readers to track. This is a great love story that heats up the streets - and the sheets. If MCs are your jam, this series is one to take hold of and read them all!

Viola Robins