Next Time Love Comes

Linda L.

Liz’s marriage is dwindling at best. It has been years since she’s felt the spark of love. But when her husband is involved in an accident that results in the death of her sister, Liz knows it’s really over. The thing is, love is always complicated.


In this case, complicated is in the form of Aiden and his son, Jake. Aiden sets off more than sparks in Liz. He’s more like a freaking Fourth of July firework show! But Aiden isn’t any freer to move on than she is. With as many obstacles as they have in their path, they may never find their way to love.


“Next Time Love Comes” exposes the trials of love and love lost, showing that even a new and beautiful love may be more of a trial than most can endure. With several plot twists, it makes for an interesting ride. Unfortunately, it twists a little too hard in some places, causing the reader a bit of discomfort. Additionally, the level of angst, though a common component of divorce, contributes even more to the unsettled feeling. The base story is lovely and offers some hope to those struggling through marriage difficulties, but the difference between making a story believable and a little too real felt crossed. With a few more rays of sunshine, “Next Time Love Comes” may have been a brighter spot in the storm.


Sofia St. Angeles