Next Door Nightmare (Shut Up and Kiss Me Book 3)

In order to access her trust fund, socialite Nora Atwood must live as an ordinary person for three months or get married. Living as a ‘normal’ work-a-day human is just insanity as far as Nora is concerned, so she decides the best option is a marriage of convenience. Millionaire Anthony ‘Fritz’ Carter is amused when Nora doesn’t recognize him with a beard and believes him to be her chauffeur. When she moves in next door, Fritz becomes a central figure in Nora’s world. As time goes on, their feelings for one another become deeper, but with Fritz keeping his true identity a secret, he risks losing the one person he has felt something for in a long time. Will Nora forgive him when she finds out the truth? Or will she be heartbroken at his betrayal and walk away.
As romances go, “Next Door Nightmare” has a pretty cool plot, and the two main characters are great together. The dynamic between them will have readers foaming at the mouth for that happy ever after. As the story develops, the tension between the two becomes so electric that it practically zaps out from the page. There is also the continued question of whether Nora will find out who Fritz really is. There are scenes that are a little drawn out, but they quickly come back and continue with the plot. The third book in the series, readers will be going back to read the other two books from this talented author who knows how to write an amazing contemporary romance.  Awesome!
Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick