New York Minute


Though Veronica is tired of blind dates, especially the ones set up by her mother, she is still optimistic that she'll meet the man of her dreams. When it finally happens, not only is she thrilled that an irresistible, sexy Spanish accent is attached to Mr. Right, but also that he couldn't be more perfect! Fear holds her back, so she tells a couple of "little white lies".  When she discovers that Diego has secrets of his own, Mr. Right doesn't seem quite so perfect after all.  Chalking things up to the old adage, "what seems to be too good to be true probably is", she falls back to her dreaded blind dates - knowing all the while she would rather be with Diego than anyone else.


If one likes their men tall, dark and handsome with an exotic Spanish accent, then Diego is your man! Sexy and debonair, he has all the attributes to make him bonafide swoonworthy. Things escalate very quickly between Veronica and Diego and their chemistry is a huge part of the appeal of the book.  Veronica bears her insecurities without a lot of grace - she tends to give less but expect much more - which is occasionally unappealing yet at the same time makes her quite real. The essence of falling in love is well captured with moments that are fun and flirty.  


Margaret Faria